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Based in New York City, Montana Timchula’s residential interiors balance form, color, pattern, material and texture. Her design style is underscored by an appreciation for both traditional and Modern aesthetic vocabularies, and her interiors often evoke a sense of tension between the two. Drawing inspiration from a variety of sources, she integrates the unique spirit and lifestyle of the individual client with the innate character and architectural merits of each space.

Montana Timchula brings a cultivated eye, an attention to detail and a collaborative spirit to all of her projects. Working with architects, contractors and craftspeople, she is well versed in the management of a project from original concept to completion.

Montana Timchula studied art history at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland and fine art restoration at the Lorenzo de' Medici Institute in Italy. She is a graduate of Bard College where she received a BA in art history, focusing on Modern architecture and decorative arts. Her dedication to interior design stems from a family tradition in the fields of architecture, interior decoration and fine art. Montana Timchula’s professional background includes a decade of experience in the art world and magazine publishing, including Veranda, where she worked alongside designers, editors and home furnishing companies. After leaving the publishing world to pursue her life-long passion, she studied at the New York School of Interior Design and worked for several leading architects and designers. Montana Timchula founded her own business in 2014.